Talk Your Business Customers Through

So no mysteries here, it is quite simple. Listen to what customer’s heartbeat is. Peruse the comments, know their searched words, see which blogs elicit the most numbers of visits etc. This is the base of your ongoing conversations with the customers.

This in turn allows you to grow your client’s business. And when they realize you are a good growth partner, wouldn’t that make it long lasting partnership in the long run?



The First Social Media

When you really come to think about it too, word of mouth may be the first social medium used too. Language may have been different then, even gestures were used most probably. But they may have communicated by understanding regardless the medium.

Why then is word of mouth the ultimate marketing strategy? And the irony of it as it costs you nothing to spend but costs you nearly all if you’re on the wrong side of it. There is a key to it. That elusive element of trust.



Recommendations Matter

Nielsen studies show that about 90% plus of “consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.” Mckinsey group behavior considers it the “primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.”

People usually value opinions they get first hand. Most marketers spend millions to craft the perfect campaign only to realize it pars too far from what most consider as the credible opinion they are familiar with, unbiased and most likely have used the product and service in question. With too many options available, just a familiar word of mouth is often enough to cut through the noise of choices.

Word of mouth is not a eureka anymore. Now its context has evolved within the social media. Blogs, user content, comments, retweets, shares among many are also considered varied forms of it. Perhaps the main concession is the speed that is now used to propagate the extent of this phenomenon. Available platforms carry the exchange at almost real time speed across millions [say Twitter followers or status updates] of people at a time.



The Key Is To Communicate

Communications is key to a long-term relationships. And not only to personal ones, but even to businesses. Digital Promotions included. Have your focus on your client’s customer. In so doing, you play up the strengths on strengths. Suggest powerful tools that can help them optimize their communication with their customers. Making their services readily accessible like providing toll free numbers, online fax service, quick response email support and so on will make their customers feel that they are valued and can easily connect with the company.

Sounds gibberish? It is deliberately written that way. True enough the first key is to make sure your client knows all too well his or her own customers.

It is also very common that nobody wants to be sold anything, so capitalizing on that make sure that you are doing the selling in the least intrusive way. Make it appear you are not! How? By mastering the art of promotions that is customer focused.

This is part of you providing lasting value. The more you know, the better you can serve. The more you know, the more customized, appealing, compelling and effective would be your digital promotions. And isn’t it all about results?